1. Nice space, but where's the dishwasher? They have two farmhouse sinks and no dishwasher? Makes no sense. Otherwise, do love those sinks, the cabinets and the floors, as well as the light fixtures.

  2. Yes, that;s right Erin, the dishwasher is hiding behind a large panel to the right of the sink. It's a Fisher and Paykel large dish drawer which is why it looks like a large drawer, not like a dishwasher! I'm the designer so thank you for featuring this kitchen. It is a beauty, the whole house is gorgeous, thanks to the fantastic taste of the clients I worked with. Who happen to also love turquoise, btw. And interesting fact though is that the owners disagreed on what to call the colour – he insisted it s a green and she (and I) think it is a blue. But I guess what it actually is, is turquoise. Or better yet, Robin's Egg Blue, thanks Resene

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